The History of Woodland Manor

The History

 Built in 1790, Woodland is a charming home of Federal style. Not much is known before 1847 when Peter Trible owned the property and conducted a girls' school there until 1849. Lessons in English, French, Latin, Spanish and Italian were offered for $70 per nine months and music for $35. An additional free of $8.00 was charged for washing.

Other owners through the years included families of the Ferneyhoughs, Hundleys, Cauthornes, Garnetts, and Brays. Mr. and Mrs. Caroll Barton restored the house back in the 1970s to the present condition.

The current owner, Linda Ludeke, purchased the property in 2014 for the use of an event venue. Her vision for Woodland Manor was to entertain with an ambiance of southern hospitality of a bygone era.

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